WordPress Microsites as a service
for universities

What is Satellite?

We’ve worked with universities for over a decade, creating sites of all shapes and sizes.

Let’s talk about the small ones…

The Problem

You’ve got a website to make. With a small budget and big ambitions. Oh, and you need it done yesterday.

In reality, the average university microsite takes 2 months to launch, and costs £10,000. Eeek.

Who do you go to? Do they have capacity? Where are you going to host it? Is it going to be maintained? What about reporting? Is it going to be on brand? These are common questions that we’ve seen many universities struggle with.

The Solution

Satellite is a flexible system that allows you to create a website in three weeks, for a low-price fixed cost.

Universities can also opt to create a network of Satellite sites. Central management of brand controlled websites, with 100GB of shared storage for an unlimited number of websites – all at a fixed price that’s cheaper than hiring a new member of staff.

Websites in Three Weeks

You read that right. Three weeks.

We use Blocksy (a commercial off-the-shelf theme) to power a workflow that doesn’t require engaging developers. It’s WCAG AA compliant and because we use it for multiple sites, it’s always kept up to date for the latest features and security patches.

We’re really good at putting great looking websites together in record speed. We also offer a content input service, charged at £120 per page.

  1. Week One
    Discovery – Understand your goals and measure of success
  2. Week Two
    Creation – Creating a draft of your new website, ready for review
  3. Week Three
    Over to you – Content upload and final amends
7 full length screenshots of websites created using the Blocksy Theme


We offer 10% off for upfront payments
(or if raised as a single PO)

Pen Icon

Satellite Assist

Built by one of our in-house experts, based on the Blocksy theme.

36 month minimum term. Includes basic hosting.

Per Month
Per Site

(£4536 if paid upfront)

Network Icon

Satellite Network

Hosting for unlimited websites with 100GB shared storage.

We’ll create a brand-template. You build the sites. Training included.

Per Year

(£12,600 if paid upfront)

All prices exclude VAT